TRUST - by robin & ripley

2017. Trust, belief, accountability — these are rare commodities to the abused. No one believes you, believes your childhood memories, believes your childhood. No one trusts your side of the story; no one holds your abuser accountable. Each interaction you are silenced & shamed.

So you bottle up your stories inside. You learn not to share them — because it’s easier that way. Because you’re tired of defending yourself. Because you’re tired of the gas-lighting. Because you’re just… tired.

But those feelings scream for release. You’re clawing yourself from the inside. These stories beg to be heard & believed — they need to be.

But sometimes… you find someone with that same story. You find someone you can entrust these painful truths to — truths you very seldom share. & it’s beautiful to finally release, to finally be heard.

We found each other. We trust each other. This is our journal, our trauma, spilled out for you. - R&R



hello to our damaged selves, our younger selves. i wish i could go back and save you, protect you from what awaits you, but i can’t. we can’t.

we send these letters to you and ourselves, a feeble attempt to free us of the nostalgia staining our lives. nostalgia tinged with abuse, tinged with the fractured personalities we wish to leave behind.

dear younger selves, perhaps in some other time you are the children you deserved to be. perhaps in some other time you become the adults you actually could be, fully actualizing and achieving, while we linger and languish in futile lamentation.

hello to our younger selves. hello to our damaged selves.