fleeting - with temporary collective

2018. temporary collective is an intimate conversation between three like-minded female photographers living in the Bay Area: Madeline Dignadice, Maddie Shelton, and myself. We are photographers in transition, inhabiting the liminal space between post-graduation obscurity and emerging success. Our career paths are dauntingly open, stretching into a multitude of equally profitable directions. What has kept us grounded through this lasting period of uncertainty has been developing the body of work “Fleeting,” a collection of nostalgic imagery building on the topics of home, identity, and community. But the series is more than a simple juxtaposition of images; it’s an organic unconscious convergence. Photographs from each photographer are stitched seamlessly together to form triptychs, diptychs, and singles – blurring the lines of authorship and individuality. Our childhood experiences become collective; our sense of self is temporary.